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League of Legends Elo Boost

League Of Legends


Hello, I start fast, just a great game: D, Free Online without fees, bone is a super good game and also get free download and play, which is little. In my next article I will explain about league of legends elo boost.

A highly recommended game, honestly I like more than dota2 (and HoN and could not play xd) if I ask for a sequel would say that I would like to add something like a story (so to play “campaign” but I cannot think like xD).

 Grandisimo MOBA MMO: Incredible game and most importantly FREE TO PLAY, this game also has great competitive game that has since been considered the chess SXIX by News Spain Antena 3 and have three great players of this game known Xpeke, Araneae and Ocelot but few clans. This game with an international competitive level as OZONE GIANTS or x6tence are finalists LVP. Although it has big tournaments like DreamHack Valencia tournament LVP and Serious Fun and Bilbao in which were Xpeke, Ocelot and Araneae.

But it has two problems: 1st story: bad set because it is not important, does not match the story with the skills of the character in the vast majority of character and are not animated as it is totally multiplayer and is not the same garbage that Diablo III (that ‘s all history). Slight 2nd originality as it is a game derived from a mod called Dota WOW. But otherwise it is a game with good graphics being a fantasy game. With high 3rd person camera and spectacular sounds of each skill and each character as it is a FREE TO PLAY game. 

A good game, even not notice, League of Legends is a game for someone who has not played, it looks bad. But you will like this game if you play it. It’s a MOBA game ” Strategy ” or as I call it. Its graphics are not exactly good, but so little are bad, more or less the exact match for your search. Sound; the game is entirely in Spanish, the sound is pretty good.

Every month, or even every two weeks have come to take a new character or a new update to improve it. Every Tuesday (Spain) there are different ”champions ” of prueva in the game, also you can buy, and there are all types. Overall it is a good game, yet it seems not to give out if you like this kind of juices you’ve played DotA and this in theory you have to like.